Social Proof That Converts

Forget the Forbes Logo: 4 Practical Tactics to Leverage Social Proof.

Christian Hoppe

Christian Hoppe


February 21, 2024

Social Proof That Converts

Social proof is your biggest lever to increase conversion rates.

In this week’s Thought, we're diving into 4 hands-on ways to integrate social proof into your site—beyond the basic “as seen in” logo display.

1. Screenshots

They might not win any beauty contests or match your brand's style perfectly, but their authenticity is gold.

Example of a Facebook Review from a happy customer.

Example of a Facebook Review from a happy customer.

See what people are saying about you on social media, review sites, Google, Facebook, anywhere.

Snag those genuine comments and pop them straight onto your landing page.

2. Video Reviews

Show your product in real life use cases.

Don’t use those fake “UGC ads” that are in fact actor created content.

Get real customers record their feedback.

Tools like offer “video-first” reviews & take care of all legal details for you.

You might also collect some unexpected videos from customers like this pigeon reviewing Marriner Yarns 😉

3. Influencer Integration

BRUNA The Label beautifully integrates influencer content, making the displayed jewellery shoppable right from their website.

4. Celebrities

No need to break the bank sponsoring celebrities.

Look out for well-known figures who already enjoy products in your category, even if they're not specifically using your brand.

Is there a celebrity who supports a lifestyle or routine your brand promotes too?

Glow25, a leading collagen brand in Europe, realized Jennifer Aniston is a already daily collagen user, so they included her routine in their story.

Authenticity matters

Remember: Nobody trust clean 5.0 star ratings.

Everyone wants to know the bad stuff.

Don’t invent or fake reviews, customers detect them immediately.


Use real stories from real people—like those screenshots, video reviews, and content from influencers & celebs.

Turn authentic user content into your strongest asset!

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